PRO Auto Motion (formerly Perpetual Racing Online) is about providing the best quality products and best customer service to automotive enthusiasts looking to upgrade their rides.

The initial name came from the idea of the perpetual motion machine, a scientific phenomenon that could theoretically defy the laws of physics. The concept of a perpetual motion machine is a machine that can stay in motion endlessly without providing additional external energy.

We wanted to incorporate that idea. We want to perpetually improve upon this industry and not settle for less. We also always wanted to be an online business to reduce overheads. Integrating “perpetual” and “online” required some brainstorming.

We tried to get clever to create an acronym to represent the idea, thus Perpetual Racing Online (PRO) was born, the logo was designed, and the concept was solidified.

PRO Logo
Caption: Our initial logo in 2013

However, we soon realized that the domain name PRO would not be available to us, and not wanting to scrap everything and go back to the drawing board, we just rolled with it. Over time we realized that the domain name was too long, and it was not representative of the products we carried, and hence we underwent a simple rebranding.

Being stubborn as engineers tend to be, we wanted to keep the “PRO” moniker, so with a little more brainstorming, PRO Auto Motion was created to more accurately describe what we’re all about.

Color scheme change in 2017

Today, we continue to strive to live by our word of providing the best in automotive aerodynamics. We will perpetually move forward and serve our customers to the best of our ability every day.

All of us here at PRO Auto Motion were at one point bitten by the mod bug, and have gone through our fair share of cars and modifications. We want to bring our passion & enthusiasm for this fun but money-thirsty hobby to everyone.

One of the most common questions people ask is regarding quality and fitment. Looking at all the available options out there, one can easily get lose in the sea of online retailers. The biggest complaint that you’ll here is:

“What did you expect? It’s aftermarket! It will never fit like OEM!”

We want to break this mold & stereotype!

We will tackle with in two ways: (1) providing accurate information and proper product knowledge, and (2) due diligence and R&D. Simple put, if we don’t want it on our cars, we certainly don’t want it on yours!

Our vision is to be able to provide any inquiring customer with the best solution that fits their current situation. We want our customers to walk away feeling like they received more than they bargained for, and fall in love all over again with their vehicle.

The two in-house brands that we currently promote are PhaseOne:
phaseone with text
This is our polypropylene lineup of body kit products. PhaseOne kits are comprehensive, well manufactured and fits phenomenally well. Professional installation is always recommended because labor is half the battle. The experience and service of the body shop can make a difference between a great results, and not-so-great results.

The other is PhaseCarbon:

This is our carbon fiber aerodynamic upgrades. PhaseCarbon’s lineup is made in collaboration with a private label manufacturer with over 20+ years in the industry. Their expertise and understanding of the carbon fiber world is ultimately why we chose to use them. We looked for weave pattern, clear coat finish, warping, styling, and various other factors to choose the best to wear the PhaseCarbon name. 

Contact us today, and see what a difference we can make for you!